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Your nose is the


for viruses and contaminants.
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Move confidently into the new norm with


Eat, travel and work safely out of home with this extra protection Pirdal is able to provide.
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Use PIRDAL for better protection.

  • Pirdal-nasal-spray-high-rish-environment

    High Risk Environment

  • Pirdal-nasal-spray-flu

    Onset of Cold/Flu like Symptoms

  • Pirdal-nasal-spray--crowded-place

    Crowded Places

  • Pirdal-nasal-spray-essential-work

    Essential Work

  • Pirdal-nasal-spray-dining

    Dining Out

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How Infections Begin

Viruses enter into the nose.

Viruses attach on the receptors of nasal mucosa.

Viruses begin to infect and damage the cell.

More viruses begin to damage other cells and trigger infections in the body.

How PIRDAL Works

Filmogen is formed and adheres on nasal mucosa.

Filmogen acts like an Absorbent to bind viruses and contaminants, preventing them to attach on the mucosa.

The Filmogen also helps to detach viruses and contaminants (including pro-inflammatory cytokines) found on the mucosa.


Prevention against respiratory infections due to viruses and contaminants.

Treatment of early phase respiratory symptoms.

Protective barrier: protects, cleans and helps to repair the nasal mucosa.


Prevention against respiratory infections due to viruses and contaminants.

Treatment of early phase respiratory symptoms.

Protective barrier: protects, cleans and helps to repair the nasal mucosa.

Patented Antiviral Filmogen For

long-lasting protection



Clinically Proven Effectiveness


Unique, patented formula made from food- and plant-based ingredients

• Does not contain propellant gas

Up to 4-Hours Long-lasting Protection

Suitable for most

*Please refer to user instructions


Not Infected Since Using Pirdal

I have been using Pirdal since it was released in Oct last year and so far I have not been infected even once although I have been working onsite everyday since end of last year, and have been frequently attending events, gatherings and eating out.

Therese, 34


已经用了7个月,凡是外出,去office,都会先喷一喷pirdal spray。 对我来说,预防胜于发生。记得有一起,喉咙有点不舒服,鼻子也塞塞D,喷了pirdal过后都松了,不塞了。觉得这个产品蛮不错的,值得用。我本人很怕药物成份的味道,但是这个spray没有什么味道的,而且是用natural材料制成,小孩也能安心用

CK Soong, 35

Kekal Sihat Belum Positive

Sejak start guna Pirdal tahun lepas, masih kekal sihat walaupun ahli keluarga, kawan-kawan, rakan kerja dah pun kena virus. Saya belum positive lagi, satu kali pun tak pernah, jadi saya harap kekal macam ini. Anak saya pun gunakan Pirdal bila pergi sekolah.

Nurul Ain, 36

Using Pirdal Everyday

My family and I had close contact with a relative under same house and sharing same bathrooms etc, but my family and myself weren’t infected. We think it’s really because of Pirdal as we have been using it everyday especially when we know that relative has been tested positive.

Joyi Lim, 29



Su Yen, 38

Guna Pirdal Sejak Tahun Lepas

Ni betul berkesan… Saya guna Pirdal sejak tahun lepas dan so far, tidak pernah dapat reinfection lagi. Harap kekal macam ini selagi gunakan spray hidung ini.

Mohd Hanif, 44


Disclaimer: These resources do not provide or substitute medical advice. The information, including but not limited to, text, graphics, images and other material provided here are for informational purposes only. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment and before undertaking a new health care regimen, and never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read here.


Frequently Asked Questions

The mechanical mode of action of PIRDAL Nasal Spray makes it possible to detach all types of viruses and contaminants (bacteria, dust, foreign particles) present on the nasal mucosa.

Yes, virus variants have no impact on the efficacy of PIRDAL because PIRDAL acts by its mechanical mode of action: a patented filmogen barrier that is able trap and detach viruses regardless of variants.

The filmogen formed on the nasal mucosa is estimated to last approximately 4 hours.

PIRDAL forms a protective filmogen on the nasal surface upon application. It is fully effective 15 minutes after application.

Use it whenever you have to go to a high-risk area (confined, crowded, or places with poor air ventilation), up to 4 times a day if necessary.

Do not use PIRDAL for more than 30 days consecutively. If necessary, take a break from using it for a few days before using it again. (In all cases, please refer to user instructions).

No, PIRDAL is formulated with only food- and plant-based ingredients. The filmogen also stays on the surface and is not absorbed by the body.

PIRDAL Nasal Spray is safe for most individuals (Please refer to user instructions). 

For those who are pregnant or breastfeeding however, it’s best to seek advice from a medical professional. 

Please check the composition of the product and do not use it in case of sensitivity or allergy to any ingredients found in the product’s formula. 

For severe respiratory symptoms, please consult a doctor immediately.

Yes, even with the use of PIRDAL, please continue to practise other preventive measures such as wearing face masks, social distancing, sanitizing frequently, getting vaccinated and so on.

In the event of infection, Pirdal does not prevent transmission.

It is strongly advisable to use PIRDAL at public spaces such as workplaces, hospitals and clinics, schools, shopping centers, markets, public transport, restaurants, gyms and gatherings, and especially during times like dining out when you need to take off your face masks, and individuals who frequent the hospitals or medical centers.

Yes, because PIRDAL is not absorbed by the body. However, for better effectiveness, we advise you not to use other nasal sprays for at least 30 minutes before using PIRDAL.

Yes, it is possible because PIRDAL attracts hypotonic fluid from the nasal mucosa, which can sometimes trigger a runny nose and generate a slight temporary nasal irritation. This is normal and related to the product’s mechanical mode of action. These effects should go away within 15-20 minutes, so we advise against blowing the nose strongly but just wipe off excess liquid from the nose gently with a clean tissue.


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DISCLAIMER: Please do not use PIRDAL to replace current health protocols such as getting vaccinated, wearing proper face masks, good hygiene practices and social distancing.