How Pirdal Works


Use PIRDAL for better protection.

  • Pirdal-nasal-spray-high-rish-environment

    High Risk Environment

  • Pirdal-nasal-spray-flu

    Onset of Cold/Flu like Symptoms

  • Pirdal-nasal-spray--crowded-place

    Crowded Places

  • Pirdal-nasal-spray-essential-work

    Essential Work

  • Pirdal-nasal-spray-dining

    Dining Out

  • Pirdal-nasal-spray-travel


How Infections Begin

Viruses enter into the nose.

Viruses attach on the receptors of nasal mucosa.

Viruses begin to infect and damage the cell.

More viruses begin to damage other cells and trigger infections in the body.

How PIRDAL Works

Filmogen is formed and adheres on nasal mucosa.

Filmogen acts like an Absorbent to bind viruses and contaminants, preventing them to attach on the mucosa.

The Filmogen also helps to detach viruses and contaminants (including pro-inflammatory cytokines) found on the mucosa.

DISCLAIMER: Please do not use PIRDAL to replace current health protocols such as getting vaccinated, wearing proper face masks, good hygiene practices and social distancing.